Nancy Babb
March 30, 1964 (which means I'm an Aries, which is the Bully of the Zodiac, according to Linda Goodman, anyway -- but I'm not really a bully... Right? I said, RIGHT!?!?!)
Outside of Buffalo, NY
Favorite civic slogan:
Buffalo, City of No Illusions ('bout says it all)
Canine companions:
Buddy & Rozzy, lap dogs
clerical drone for the State of New York
But secretly I long to be a:
"Special Guest Star" (not acting, y'know -- just the billing)
When no one's looking I like to:
cut & paste
Greatest RM disappointment (current):
that although I can find those great black plastic men's zippered ankle boots (ala Willaway in FJ) I can't find 'em in my size!
Greatest RM disappointment (past):
that all the snippets of RM memorabilia I collected as a child (mag clippings, photos, etc) have gone the way of the wind over the years (too many moves, etc)
If I could teach the world to sing I'd teach it:
Rockapella's Zombie Jamboree
My wish for all RM List members:
Get PowWow!!!! seriously, folks, we could all have some *wicked* fun, yes, Roc? Sally? Other endorsements?
all she wrote --

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