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Jared Martin Varian
Carl Franklin Fred Walters
Ike Eisenmann Scott Jordan
Katie Saylor Liana
Roddy McDowall Jonathan Willaway

About this episode guide ...

Mel Santos was asking about an FJ episode guide, but a search of the Net came up with nothing. Then Mel posted this to the list:

"I ransacked my stuff and, to my surprise, found I had enough notes and clippings to make my own. All nine episodes were shown in the Philippines, but my recollection of some of the plots is a bit hazy...
The article on the show's cast and concept came from a local TV guide (*they* didn't say where they lifted it from)."

Executive Producer: Bruce Lansbury
Producer: Leonard Katzman
Associate Producer: William O. Cairncross
Story Consultants: Calvin Clements Jr, DC Fontana
Director of Photography: Irving Lippman
Music and Series Theme by: Robert Prince
Filmed at: Burbank Studios

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Vortex     [3 February 1977]
Guest Cast: Scott Thomas, Susan Howard, Leif Ericson, Ian McShane, Don Knight, Gary Collins, Mary Anne Mobley, Jason Evers, Karen Sommerville, Scott Brady, Jack Stauffer, Byron Chung, Tom McCorry
Writers: Merwin Gerard, Michael Michaelian, Kathryn Michaelian Powers
Director: Andrew V McLaglen

        Part I of the 90-minute pilot introduces Varian, from the year 2230; Fred Walters, newly graduated from med school, from the year 1977; and Scott Jordan, 13 years old, also from 1977. Fred, Scott and their companions, including Scott's father, were shipwrecked. Varian first appeared wearing only a loincloth, don't ask why. He has this nifty gizmo that looks like a tuning fork which he uses for healing.

Atlantium     [10 February 1977]
Guest Cast: Gary Collins, Mary Ann Mobley, Jason Evers, Albert Stratton
Writer: Kathryn Michaelian Powers
Director: Barry Crane

        Part II of the pilot is set in Atlantium (actually the Bona Venture Hotel in LA), where they meet Liana, half-alien and half-Atlantian. Three survivors from the shipwreck get a ticket home courtesy of the Atlantians (Scott's father left him behind! What a great father. Wonder what he said when he got home to his wife. 'Honey, I forgot the kid.'). Scott is selected as host for the Source, a living disembodied brain (no, it's not Spock's) which provides the power for Atlantium by sapping people of their life force. No Source, no power. No power, no free ride back for the remaining travellers to their own time.

Beyond the Mountain     [17 February 1977]
Guest Cast: John Carson David, Marj Dusay, Lester Fletcher, Frank Corsentino, Joseph Dellasorte, Ron Burke
Writer: Harold Livingstone
Director: Irving Moore

        Introduction of the fifth traveller, Jonathan Willaway, a scientist from 1965 who has taken control of a community of androids. Varian and his group help the original owners recover their androids, aborting a wedding between Willaway and Liana in the process. Varian later invites Willaway to join the group (a good thing or we wouldn't have watched the rest of the series), since being from the future he knows that Willaway is actually a nice guy.

        Trivia: according to executive producer Bruce Lansbury the character of Willaway was created because "we needed a kind of dissident, a mischief maker that would play against the family, as we had structured it. The actor who seemed to answer those requisites best was Roddy ... because he creates the kind of character who might push in one direction while everyone else is pushing in another." [Starlog #6]

Children of the Gods     [24 February 1977]
Guest Cast: Cosie Costa, Mark Lambert, Bobby Eilbacher, Stanly Clay, Richard Natoki, Al Eisenmann (Ike's brother?), Michael Baldwin
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Director: Alf Kjellin

        The travellers arrive within an area sacred to a group of young people who believe there are no such things as peaceful elders (theirs got wiped out in a war). I don't remember how they got out of this initial difficulty, but they did, probably because of Scott (or maybe it's because a bust there looks suspiciously like Octavian/Augustus Caesar. Naaah). *But*, Willaway is later caught poking around inside their temple, where he found futuristic weapons, and is promptly sentenced to death. Scott challenges the leader, Alpha, for his position but is soundly defeated. The other youths also challenge Alpha - apparently they were tired of his tyrannical rule.

Dream Of Conquest     [10 March 1977]
Guest Cast: John Saxon, Morgan Paull, Lenore Stevens, Robert Patten, John Doran, Bobby Porter
Writer: Michael michaelian
Director: Vincent McEveety

        Our heroes arrive in time to witness humanoid aliens capturing a primate-like being, and they get captured, too. They are brought to the aliens' city, where the son of the dying consul seeks their help. Willaway learns about the vice-consul's dreams of conquest, tries to locate his army, gets caught (again) and gets sentenced to death (again). This guy is a magnet for trouble. The vice-consul (John Saxon) is killed when his arsenal explodes; the consul survives and initiates reforms.

An Act of Love     [24 March 1977]
Guest Cast: Christina Hart, Ellen Weston, Jonathan Goldsmith, Belinda Blaski
Writer: Richard Fielder
Director: Virgil Vogel

        A young lady shoots Varian with a dart dipped in love potion. The lady is scheduled to be sacrificed to appease a local god who is having a temper tantrum. Varian volunteers to take her place.

Funhouse     [31 March 1977]
Guest Cast: Mel Ferrer, Mary Frann, Richard Lawson
Writer: Michael Michaelian
Director: Art Fisher

        Apollonius (supposedly a Greek or Roman mythological character - the writer may have been thinking of Sisyphus, he of the rolling stone, or maybe Tantalus, because Apollonius was an Alexandrian poet) takes over Willaway's body as part of a plan to escape the punishment of the gods.

Turnabout     [7 April 1977]
Guest Cast: Joan Collins, Paul Mantee, Julie Cobb, Beverly Todd, Charles Walker II
Writer: D C Fontana, Ken Kolb
Director: Victor French

        Matriarchal society needs help repairing their about-to-self-destruct computer. They decide to enlist Willaway's help by poisoning his companions. When that didn't work they gave the antidote and tried flattery. Trek fans: remember that STNG episode where Data shuffles ICs or the ship will go ka-boom? Same thing happens here. This is the last episode that Liana appeared in; the explanation given is that she stayed behind while the guys went on.

Riddles     [21 April 1977]
Guest Cast: Dale Robinette, Carol Demas, William O'Connell, Dax Xenos, Lynn Borden
Writer: Kathryn Michaelian Powers
Director: David Moessinger

        The group discovers the Stone, the key to the doorway back to their own time. Actually, Willaway found it, got caught (again), got frozen or something (meant to be permanent so equivalent to a death sentence, again), but was freed by Varian. This episode revealed each member's hangup/fear/phobia, like Willaway was claustrophobic and Walters, being a doctor, terrified of losing the use of his hands.

The Innocent Prey     [17 June 1977]
Guest Cast: Lew Ayres, Richard Jaeckel, Nicholas Hammond, Cheryl Ladd
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Vincent McEveety

        The travellers come to a place where the people are so trusting they don't lock doors, or maybe they don't have doors. So naturally some criminal-types crashland their spaceship there. There's a scene where our heroes are looking around inside the spaceship and Willaway accidentally activates something, giving everybody a bad scare.


TV Times Weekly Entertainment Guide
18-24 September 1977
Quad Publications, Quezon City, Philippines
        In the deceptively tranquil waters of the Bermuda Triangle, one hundred thousand square miles of beautiful Caribbean, more than 40 ships and 20 planes have disappeared without a trace during the last century. Among the many theories to explain this phenomenon is one of mind-boggling proportion: it is suggested that the Triangle is a time/space warp that traps its victims in another dimension.
        This is the exciting premise for the Fantastic Journey, a science fantasy adventure series in which shipwrecked travelers on a pleasant scientific expedition suddenly find themselves, in the aftermath of a catastrophe at sea, on a mysterious island inhabited by humans from the past and future. Their first encounters are with Atlantians, the remainder of an advanced society that flourished 30,000 years ago, pirates from the 16th century and an Earthman from 2230 A.D., whose crashlanded space vehicle delivered him to this exotic locale.
        So, the travelers from the present are joined by the man of the future as they embark on their fantastic journey, not knowing what other alien beings they will encounter, but determined to continue - hoping that, at the other side of the island, they will be able to make their way to their own time. Along the way, they are joined by an extraterrestial woman and a scientist who also seek an escape from this inexplicable time/space warp.
        Jared Martin plays Varian, the stranded voyager from the future, bringing to the role an abundance of television experience on such series as The Bold Ones, Switch and The Rookies, as well as many stage and film credits.
        Carl Franklin portrays Fred Walters, a vacationing doctor who served as chief medical advisor to the shipwrecked travelers. Most recently starred in the "Caribe" series, he has also appeared with such prestigious theatrical companies as Washington's Arena Stage and New York's Lincoln Center Theater.
        Teenaged actor Ike Eisenmann has been cast as Scott Jordan, the inquisitive son of a scientist who led the doomed expedition. He starred in the Walt Disney movie "Escape to Witch Mountain", guest- starred on two ABC "After School Specials", and had a lead role in Columbia Pictures Television's Banjo Hacketts.
        Katie Saylor appears as Liana, whose mother was from another solar system, while her father was one of the ancient Atlantians. She has been seen off-Broadway, as the star of the feature "Super Van", as Al Pacino's girl in "The Godfather", and in many television shows, including the daytime dramas Another World and Dark Victory. Liana's constant and faithful companion is Sil-L, a cat equipped with special powers of communication. Sil-L wil l be played by the three cats comprising The Felix Team.
        Roddy McDowall brings a wealth of experience to the role of Willaway, a leading U.S. scientist during the 1960's. McDowall began his long and successful career as a child actor in the 1938 English film, "Scruffy". Since then he has performed in 83 feature films and dozens of television presentations, including a starring role in the series, Planet of the Apes. He has also performed in numerous Broadway, off-Broadway and regional theater productions.

Production credits, guest stars and airing dates provided by Janeen Schouten.
Plotlines and comments by Mel Santos. Coding by Roc Smith-Graham.

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