September 8, 1996 to December 1998
Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg and the 1995 feature film starring Robin Williams

Two children find in the attic of their new home a magical board game which transports them to an alternate world filled with jungle perils.  There, they meet and decide to help Alan, a man who has been trapped in Jumanji for over 20 years since he played the game as a boy.  Their efforts are either hampered or abetted by big game hunter Van Pelt, trader Slick, and the Manji tribe.

At the start of each session, the game gives the players a clue which they must solve in order to get back home.

Series Cast

Air Judy
Original Airdate:  October 12, 1997

Teleplay by Neil Alsip
Directed by Tom McLaughlin

Guest Stars: Eileen Brennan (Dottie McGrail), Roddy McDowall (Furvish), Rene Auberjonois, Bob Berger (Science Teacher)

An attempt to escape Jumanji by plane leads to a cloud city of bird-people that is under attack by Ibsen's dirigible.  Clue: "Without wings you soar so high.  Now you must help the birds to fly."

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