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CBS Television
October 2, 1959 to September 18, 1964

Half-hour science-fiction anthology series created and hosted by writer Rod Serling, who later co-wrote the original screenplay for Planet of the Apes.  A 30-minute format during its first three seasons, it was expanded to an hour for a short time, finally reverting back to its original half-hour format. &nsp;Many well-known performers appeared in the series including Robert Redford, Burgess Meredith, Cliff Robertson and William Shatner.  The series ran for 151 episodes, two-thirds of which were written by Serling.

People Are Alike All Over   Screen Captures
Original Airdate:  March 25, 1960

Produced by Buck Houghton
Directed by Mitchell Leisen
Teleplay by Rod Serling
Based on the short story "Brothers Beyond the Void" by Paul Fairman

Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall (Samuel A. Conrad), Paul Comi (Warren Marcusson), Susan Oliver (Teenia), Byron Morrow (Martian Leader), Vic Perrin (Martian #2), Vernon Gray (Martian #3)

Warren Marcusson and Samuel Conrad are about to become the first Earthmen on Mars.  But each anticipates the mission in a very different way.  Biologist Conrad finds his scientific curiosity overshadowed by his fear of the great unknown.  Astronoaut Marcusson looks forward to the challenge of whatever awaits him out there.  His philosophy is that people are alike — on Earth, on Mars, all over.  Yet he is destined never to know how right he is.  When their ship crash-lands on the Martian surface, Marcusson is mortally wounded — and Conrad is left to face the unknown alone.


This episode was based on "Brothers Beyond the Void," a popular short story in which lone pilot Marcusson is the one who has the too close encounter with smaller, more alien Martians.  In adapting the tale, Serling made key changes that would deepen the irony and heighten the impact.  He installed the frightened Conrad as a protagonist whose fears could be eased, only to be finally confirmed, and he presented the Martians as a taller, handsomer, more "human" race whose ultimate treachery would only seem more shocking.

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