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Oh, Joy! Oh, Rapture! (Oh brother!)

Ladies & Gents, boys & girls....I got Roddy McDowall today!!!!

On second thought, don't shoot me until after I've seen the play, I *did* put those tics on my credit card, after all....

Roddy is in town doing "Dial M for Murder". I dropped off several photos with a letter for him. Left them at the theatre last night on my way home. I wasn't home more than a half hour when I received a call from the play's (or theatre's?) manager. She told me that Roddy had asked her to call and let me know that he had signed all the photos and they were waiting for me at the box office! I picked them up this morning, he inscribed all of them differently (All best wishes, good luck, etc.) God, I love him!

I'm going to drop off a thank you card tonight, maybe include a gift of almond croissants from Au Bon Pain. I'm excited about seeing him on Saturday. I'm going to try to see him afterward for an in-person sig and photo-op. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.

Happy Happy Joy Joy !!! :) :) :)

Peace, Sandra

Roddy McDowall in person!

newsgroups: alt.collecting.autographs

    Hi' all. Well, it was a great night on Saturday. My friends and I saw the play "Dial M for Murder". I had a seat in the orchestra pit, 2nd row, Wow! Roddy was great, of course.

    Before the show we dropped off an envelope with a couple of photos that belonged to my girlfriend. The people in the box office that night were morons, but we managed to make them understand that they were to give the envelope to the theatre manager and he would know what to do. Usually, there is a guy in the box office who is super helpful, he wasn't there on Saturday, but it still went okay.

    After the play we rushed to the stage door. John James and Nancy Allen were reported to have fled from the other side of the theatre. There were only about ten people waiting for Roddy. His driver was there and assured us that he would take the time to sign. This made us all very happy.

    Roddy came out and I got the first auto in my book, my sister took our picture together. I then gave him a kiss on his cheek. I heard my girlfriends saying "Go get'em Sandy"!

    He proceeded to chat and sign for others. When he was signing for my friends, I tried to photograph him signing, but when he saw my camera, he stopped and looked up so that I could get a good shot of him. That was so nice! He did that several times, I didn't expect him to, as I was happy to get candid shots. He is so very considerate of the fans.

    The day before, I had left him a thank you note along with a dozen croissants. While he was there, I thanked him again for signing the photos for me earlier that week. A look of realization came on his face and he said. "Oh, are you the one who sent those..."
"The croissants, yes" I replied.
"Oh yes, we all enjoyed them very much." He said, "We all had a lot of fun with those. Oh yes. And the almond ones, oh yes!"

    I knew then that he really did read my notes, as I had told him in the note to be sure and try the almond ones, because they were absolutely decadent. The look on his face when he was saying "And the almond ones, oh yes!", proved to me that he *had* tried them and loved them.
Such a thrill! :)

    I stopped by the theatre on Monday morning to pick up the envelope we left on Saturday night. On my way to work, I passed a hotel and saw a man with a "Dial M" jacket. I asked him if he was with the play, he said yes, he was Roddy's understudy. We chatted for a while (I was wishing that it was Roddy I'd run into instead of him. oh well)

    I want to say, that the people in the theatre were very nice and helpful. The manager chatted with us for 20 minutes after we got our autos. And one young man in the box office was especially helpful as well. I owe them a great deal of thanks for their cooperation. They didn't have to help, but they did and I appreciate it.

    Peace, Sandra

Republished with permission by RMGROUP member Sandra.

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