Okay, to begin with, there are two, count 'em, TWO Disney-Cats graced by Our Hero's presence: That Darn Cat!, released in 1965, and The Cat from Outer Space, released in 1977.

That Darn Cat(!) is not from Outer Space, and The Cat from Outer Space is not (tho you might argue this point) Darn(ed). How else to tell 'em apart? Well...

That Darn Cat! offers: The Cat from Outer Space offers:
Ambience: Tired 60s kitsch Tired 70s kitsch
A kooky kitty which: wears a wristwatch around its neck! is from outer space!
Beautiful ladies: Hayley Mills, Dorothy Provine Sandy Duncan
Dashing gents: Dean Jones Ken Berry
Comical relief: Frank Gorshin McLean Stevenson
Most unattractive character: Elsa Lanchester Ronnie Schell
McDowall's role: Gregory Benson, weenie boyfriend Mr. Stallwood, weenie spy

Got it? Good! Keep it... and we now return you to your regularly scheduled web page, as you wish --

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