A&E Biography Interviews
("He has more friends than anyone I know." -- Ruth Gordon)

Montgomery Clift

Bette Davis
If Looks Could Kill

Alice Faye
The Star Next Door

Henry Fonda
Hollywood's Quietest Hero

John Ford

Ava Gardner

Andy Griffith
Hollywood's Homespun Hero

Sonja Henie
Fire on Ice

Audrey Hepburn
The Fairest Lady

Boris Karloff
The Gentle Monster

Myrna Loy
A Class by Herself

Ida Lupino
Through the Lens

Carmen Miranda
The South American Way

Maureen O'Hara
Wild Irish Rose

Tyrone Power
The Last Idol

Vincent Price
The Versatile Villain

The Unsinkable
Debbie Reynolds

Barbara Stanwyck
Straight Down the Line

Elizabeth Taylor

Shirley Temple
The Biggest Little Star

Darryl Zanuck
20th Century Filmmaker

Don't Blink or You'll Miss Him
(oops! press rewind ... )

A&E Biography: Truman Capote - shown arriving at the Black and White Ball, donning his mask

A&E Biography: Paul Lynde - clip from Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde and Stella Stevens

A&E: Beyond Titanic - talks about "The Poseidon Adventure"

AMC Cinema Combat: Hollywood Goes to War - at the premiere of "The Longest Day"

Elizabeth Taylor: The E! True Hollywood Story - shown in news footage during the last half-hour of this two-hour program

History vs Hollywood: The Longest Day - at the premiere of "The Longest Day" (around the last ten minutes, on the History Channel)

Hollywood Looks at the Bible - short clip from "The Greatest Story Ever Told", about 30-40 minutes into the AMC documentary

Hey! Isn't that ... ?!?
(places he'd been spotted in)

Creation Conventions' Starlog Salutes Star Trek 20th Anniversary in June 1986

Hollywood Cinecon, the annual Labor Day Weekend festival of the Society for Cinephiles

The Tootsies Orchid Lounge at 422 Broadway in downtown Nashville; a honky-tonk near country music's high church, the Ryman Auditorium

Tourist spots

The old Max Factor cosmetics building, a classic art deco structure, houses the Hollywood History Museum with dresses worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley's "stained robe" and even Roddy McDowall's "powder room."

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