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by Michele Savage
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A Poem
by Barbara Townley-Oak
The Red Rose
by Lisa Nardelli

I don't know what it is about you
That makes me feel the way I do,
What reason is there for my thoughts
To be constantly of you?

Could it be your eyes, so big, so brown,
That look so warm and kind,
That make me feel that someone sweeter
Would be difficult to find?

Or could it be your voice I love,
So distinctive and so clear,
That makes me want you more and more
And hold you in my thoughts so dear?

Or maybe it's that laugh of yours,
So warm and deeply sounding,
That makes my blood run so much faster
And sets my heart a pounding.

I guess it's just all of you
That send tingles through my body
And makes me proud to be your friend
Because you are so special, RODDY.

— Barbara Townley-Oak

The Red Rose, Roddy McDowall
A bright young budding actor travels overseas
In tow, his family. Mother, sister and the
Anticipation of a prosperous career.
Upon his arrival onto new soil,
The feeling of being uprooted subsides, and
Acceptance by the acting community takes over.
He begins growing into the most fulfilling roles a
Young actor can imagine, alongside such rising stars as
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor.
Gradually, and with ever so much grace he
Blossoms into a distinguished actor.
His flower blooms gently and fully,
Whether in the most comfortable of settings, or the
Most adverse of conditions.
His personal kindness is well known, and is
Rich like the fullness of deep red colors, with the
Softness of gently rose petals.
Soon, he begins branching into many directions, and
Stretches out to producing, directing and photography.
Seen in so many lights now, there appears a sense of
Maturity, but never fading.
Quietly, gracefully, his time arrives, and he is
Overwhelmingly gentlemanly, charismatic, kind and loving
Until the last petal falls.
To bloom no more.
Always in our minds and hearts will we carry
Pictures of this truly red rose.
So many have been touched by his life, and
So many more will remember him this way.

In Memoriam,
Roddy McDowall
1928 - 1998
He will be missed.

— Lisa Nardelli

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