Reading Materials

Current Biography (April 1961 Vol 22)
"Roddy McDowall"
New York

The Films of Roddy McDowall
by David Castell
©1975 Barnden Castell Williams Limited, London

Great Child Stars
by James Robert Parish
©1976 Ace Books, New York

Starlog #6 (June 1977)
"The Fantastic Journey"
by William Irvine
Starlog Press

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (but don't have sex or take the car)
by Dick Moore
©1984 Harper & Row, New York

Forest J. Ackerman's Monsterland #5 (October 1985)
"Roddy McDowall's Frightful Night"
by Paul Davids
New Media Publishing, Inc.

Starlog #101 (December 1985)
The Best of Starlog Vol. 7
"Occupation: Fearless Vampire Killer"
by Edward Gross
Starlog Press

Hollywood Kids
by Thomas G. Aylesworth
©1987 E.P. Dutton, New York

Films in Review (Aug/Sept 1988, Oct 1988)
"Roddy McDowall"
by Michael Buckley
The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, Inc.

Actors: A Celebration
by Rita Gam
©1988 St. Martin's Press, New York

Fear #12 (December 1989)
"The Trouper"
by John Gilbert

Movie Collector's World (June 28, 1996)
"Roddy McDowall - Actor of a Thousand Faces"
by L. E. Ward
Arena Publishing, Inc.

Scarlet Street #26 (1997)
"From Collies ... to Werewolves!"
by Danny Savello
Scarlet Street, Inc.

Entertainment Weekly #454 (October 16, 1998)
"Hollywood's Boy Next Door"
by Michael Sauter
Entertainment Weekly, Inc.

People Weekly (October 19, 1998)
"Farewell: Best Buddy"
by Dan Jewel and Champ Clark
Time, Inc.

Classic Images #281 (November 1998)
"The Lasting Legacy of Roddy McDowall"
by Diana Serra Cary
Lee Enterprises, Inc.

InTheater #60 (November 6, 1998)
"Roddy McDowall, 1928-1998"
by Sam Harris
Parker Publishing & Communications, Inc.

Vanity Fair #460 (December 1998)
"The Company He Kept"
by Dominick Dunne
The Condé Nast Publications Inc.

Apesfan Special Edition (February 1999)
"Long Live the King! Farewell to Roddy McDowall"
by George R. Reis
Published by Herman Senerchia, George R. Reis & Joe Lozowsky

Planet of the Apes Revisited
by Joe Russo and Larry Landsman with Edward Gross
©2001 Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press, New York
A fitting companion to the AMC documentary, Behind the Planet of the Apes

Are You Hungry, Dear?
by Doris Roberts with Danelle Morton
©2003 St. Martin's Press, New York
Doris Roberts remembers dinner parties at Roddy's

16 Celebrities Who Charmed My Life
by Bill Fine
©2003 Xlibris Corporation
One chapter is devoted to Roddy McDowall

Ava Gardner (Love is Nothing)
by Lee Server
©2006 St. Martin's Press
A portrait of McDowall as director

Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins
by Rupert Everett
©2007 Warner Books
Rupert Everett recalls his first meeting, first dinner and last goodbye

Home: A Memoir of My Early Years
by Julie Andrews
©2008 Hyperion
Julie surprises Roddy on their first meeting.

In Spite of Myself: A Memoir
by Christopher Plummer
©2008 Knopf
The author remembers his rather memorable first encounter with McDowall.

Fiction books where Roddy McDowall is either mentioned, featured as a character, or has a character that is based on him

The Users
by Joyce Haber
©1976 Delacorte Press
Roddy is mentioned by name as an established Hollywood figure.

Another City, Not My Own
by Dominick Dunne
©1997 Crown
McDowall is featured as a friend of the main character.

by Orson Scott Card
©1998 HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., New York, NY
Roddy McDowall and How Green Was My Valley are mentioned by a character.

Lady Crymsyn
by P. N. Elrod
©2000 Ace Hardcover
The book is dedicated to, among others, Roddy McDowall. We have not verified this with the author, but we believe the character of Malone is, to quote her, "my way of tipping my hat to a great talent."

The Biograph Girl
by William J. Mann
©2000 Kensington Books, New York, NY
Roddy McDowall is one of the characters in this fictional account of the life of Florence Lawrence, the legendary Biograph Girl, considered the world's very first movie star.

Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story
by Clive Barker
©2001 HarperCollins
The character of Jerry Brahms is based on McDowall.

Tea for Twenty: From the Files of the Tayan Research Network
by Tristan Macavery
©2003 1stBooks Library
This is a haunted house tale; McDowall and The Legend of Hell House are mentioned.

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