To the world Roddy is a movie star; to Virginia, he's just her kid brother

By Virginia McDowall

      Friendship is a funny thing. It can even exist between brother and sister.
      Not that I mean to say that Roddy and I are always perfect dears to each other. After all, we are human. But we get along quite well together — considering everything.
      As I write this, Roddy is looking over my shoulder, daring me to tell all about him. This is one time, though, when I'm going to have my say — and get back at him for some of the trick he's played on me.

      You might think that being a sister to a movie star makes everything different from the usual brother and sister set-up. It doesn't. I'm proud of Roddy's work. I think he's a good actor. But just because he is in pictures doesn't make me forget that he's a boy with all of a boy's tricks. Why, he's no different now from the way he was several years ago in London when he set fire to the house.

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