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Movie Life Year Book, 1947 the saintly album

Top, left to right
(21) GROWING young gentleman escorted his ma and sister to opening of Song of Bernadette.
(22) HUG—after year at sea—from dad, who is an officer in the British Merchant Navy.
(23) CANTEEN worker showed up every week to serve and perform.
(24) When he says he can really ride, Roddy isn't kidding.

Middle, left to right
(25) THE McDOWALLS—ready to run the De Marcos off the map! Sister Virginia, as you will note, is a slick chick!
(26) SCHOOL ROOM, Fox version, is smack on the lot, handy to where Roddy and the others are emoting. Barbara Laurence is the glamorous student standing, Peggy Ann Garner is on right.
(27) AUTOGRAPH for ecstatic fan at the Hospital For Crippled Children in Newark, N.J. He corresponds regularly with kids in hospitals all over U.S.

Bottom, left to right
(28) NEW HOME and a swimming pool of their own. Roddy and his (hubba! hubba!) sister practically live in this and who'd blame them?
(29) ROMANCE? Roddy's pretty companion at premiere of The Story of Dr. Wassell was young Elizabeth Taylor, who worked with him in Lassie Come Home. Romance or no, he beamed with joy.
(30) FICKLE cavalier with new companion. This time it is Jane Powell at Grauman's. They both are in Holiday In Mexico.

Top, left to right
(1) MURDER IN THE FAMILY, 1937. Made in Wembly Studios, it was the first of many to come.
(2) THE OUTSIDER, 1938. The gentleman caressing Roddy's head was none other than George Sanders. This was British-made.
(3) THIS ENGLAND, 1941. His last in England. Here he was with Constance Cummings and Emlyn Williams.
(4) MAN HUNT, 1942. First one made in the U.S., it was for Fox. Scene here with Walter Pidgeon.

Middle, left to right
(5) HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, 1942. This one sent him zooming up. Here—Maureen O'Hara.
(6) THE PIED PIPER, 1942. Pictured above with Monty Woolley, 14-year-old Roddy had now become studio asset.
(7) MY FRIEND FLICKA, 1943. With Preston Foster in the picture-version of Mary O'Hara's horse story.
(8) LASSIE COME HOME, 1943. In this scene, Elizabeth Taylor. Lassie, as you will recall, was a collie.

Bottom, left to right
(9) THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER, 1943. Frank Morgan here. Irene Dunne in lead.
(10) THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM, 1943. Cronin film; this was dramatic scene with Ruth Nelson, Edith Barrett.
(11) THUNDERHEAD, SON OF FLICKA, 1944. Sequel to 1st Flicka story. Roddy had a crack at fancy riding.
(12) HOLIDAY IN MEXICO, 1946. Jealous was Roddy of José Iturbi and Jane Powell, in a romance-musical.