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Movies magazine, June 1953 anonymous

Whistle-bait in the beefcake brigade, Tab Hunter and Roddy McDowall do some prowling of their own!

Neither Tab nor Roddy really need the help of the little black book for getting dates. Both eligible bachelors, they have pick of film cuties.

TopThough Tab and Roddy had just recently met, they both struck it off immediately and became good friends. Tab pulls up into the driveway of the McDowall home, near 20th, in his light blue Ford.

Middle Roddy introduces his pal to his mother and dad. Rod has an older sister, Virginia; Tab, an older brother. Close in age, Rod is 23; Tab will be that on July 1st.

Bottom Tab was fascinated with Roddy's tape recorder. Both boys are very conscientious about their careers. A true movie fan, Tab sees about five films per week, plus legit plays.