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Movies magazine, June 1953 anonymous

Top left No, Tab isn't singing, he's reading a French script as Rod records same. Not a linguist, Mr. Hunter "fractured" the language. Tab's next picture is UA's Well Fargo Express.

Top right A very talented artist, Roddy spent seven years organizing, producing and directing a movie studio. He called it Imperial Eagle Productions, did his own camera, art and publicity work, but abandoned project when it became impractical.

Bottom left As with women, the fellows finally got around to discussing clothes. Tab admires newest suit in Roddy's wardrobe. They have similar builds, but Tab's 2" taller.

Bottom right Roddy's combination bedroom-sitting room is decorated in a very musculine way. Though he makes frequent trips home, Rod is presently living in New York, doing theater and TV work.

Top Both excellent swimmers and divers, Tab and Roddy take a dip in the McDowall pool. Tab lives in an apartment with his mother, who is a trained nurse.

Bottom left Nuthin' like an invigorating swim to build a man's appetite! So, it was off to raid the icebox for Tab and Roddy. As luck would have it, Mrs. McDowall had a delicious chocolate cake, hot dog sandwiches ready.

Bottom right Loafin' in the midday sun, the boys chat about everything from cars to women. Romance-wise, Tab's seen most with Gloria Gordon; Roddy's dates are varied.