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Movies magazine, August 1950 the spina collection

Top Gathering clan by phone was Roddy's biggest job, as his guests are busy careerists. His bedroom is furnished in heavy hand-carved pieces; bed sits atop a platform.

Middle Snitching pineapple, Roddy calls the baked ham a colossal success, says nobody can cook like Mabel, once the McDowalls' housekeeper, who now caters for their parties.

Bottom Virginia, Roddy's pretty (and older — by one year) sister, is hostess for the festivities, enlists brotherly aid in readying the table.

Top left Driven by Dick Long, first guests to arrive are Piper Laurie, Dick's date, and in back seat, Marsh and Barbara Thompson (Barbara is Dick's sister) and Jerome Courtland.

Top right Party gets under way in English style home in Cheviot Hills, where Roddy, Virginia, their mom and dad live. Seated far left is redhead Amanda Blake, Roddy's date. She's a ringer for Greer Garson, is in MGM's Stars in My Crown.

Middle Virginia McDowall displays painting Roddy did to Barbara Hale and Bill Williams, just arrived at party, and Piper. Though he's talented artistically, Roddy's real hobby is recording operas on his home tape recorder.

Bottom Camera fiends Marsh and Jerome get into corner to confab about photography.