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Movies magazine, August 1950 the spina collection

Top Day was so beautiful, kids couldn't resist outdoor eating, so Roddy and Dick set up card tables and chairs by edge of pool.

Middle left Bill Williams plays chef, gets wifely buss on cheek from Barbara for being so domestic. They regaled others with latest about daughter Jody. Seems she's discovered the word "well," uses it in most grown-up fashion to begin every sentence.

Middle right All pitch in, Marsh toting the baked ham, Barbara the milk, as Roddy yells, "Food's on!"

Bottom What a feast! Bill digs into the creamed spinach, Jerome has seconds on fried chicken, Marsh goes for hot, home-made biscuits ...

Top Luncheon is served buffet style, and no one hesitates to heap second or third time.

Middle Real hit of the day is the English trifle pudding, a specialty the McDowalls always serve at parties.

Bottom Roddy tosses off several glasses of milk, Dick can't get enough of the tossed green salad, Amanda snacks on early taste of pudding.