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Movies magazine, August 1950 the spina collection

Top After food disappears, Virginia, Piper, Amanda and Barbara play Canasta, kibitzed by Dick Long and Roddy, who's just finished Killer Shark — acted in it, and was associate producer.

Bottom left Piper Laurie, who plays her first big screen role in UI's Louisa, is teased by Marsh and Jerome at poolside.

Bottom right Dick and Amanda mop up after dip. Dick's latest flicker for UI is Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town.

Top left Despite sheep dog effect Roddy adopts to get laff out of Barbara and Dick (Rajah) Long, he's a serious guy, has his own daily disc jockey show over KMPC, as well as his movie work.

Bottom left Paired off for fancy stepping near pool are Roddy and Barbara, Virginia and Marsh. Virginia's done some movie acting, is now concentrating on radio and TV.

Top right Horseplay by Roddy, Dick and Marsh amuses Barbara, who's proud of hubby Marsh for landing his first lead, in MGM's Standoff.

Middle right Race among Roddy, Dick and Jerome is declared tie by referee Bill Williams, who's currently on screen in Fox's Caribou Trail. Jerome's also doing okay, is in Columbia's When You're Smiling.

Bottom right Rod startles Barbara Hale and Piper Laurie with his new underwater mask.